To Tuck or Not to Tuck, That is the Question

Occasionally I see women on the street who have the tags from their shirts, blouses, or other clothing items sticking out. This seems to be primarily a woman’s issue, as I rarely, if ever, see it on a man. Women with short hair are more vulnerable to having their tags exposed, yet men typically have short hair and never seem to have this problem.

It must have to do with the way they make clothing for the different sexes; which of course makes me wonder why? Why would you make a shirt where the tag could stick up and out for all to see for a woman, but not a man?

There’s a new trend in women’s clothing, either aimed to avert this issue or as a money saving feature, whereby the information normally reserved for the tag is printed right onto the cloth itself. It’s not a trend I particularly care for. Tags can be snipped off when you want to disguise the fact that this particular item had to be purchased in an extra large instead of a large, or whatever particular size you’re trying to hide. There isn’t an easy way to remove the aforesaid markings printed directly onto the fabric.

My long hair generally hides these minor offenses, but when I do see a woman with a tag showing I often wonder whether to mention it or not. It’s easy if it’s someone I know – I would definitely tell them. But what about a total stranger? It can be awkward and embarrassing to find out you’ve been walking around all day with that little white flag flying freely for all to see. I think I would want to be told but would be interested in hearing from other women. Feel free to use the comment section to post your opinion – would you want to be told to tuck or not?

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