Looks or Personality?

If you could choose only one aspect of your soul mate, would you choose looks or personality? Though many would want both, if you only had one choice, and for the sake of argument, you were to be with this person, ‘till death do you part,’ which aspect would you choose? It’s an interesting dilemma. Does your brain and mouth say one thing while your eyes and other bits speak otherwise?

I recently watched a British show called “Dating in the Dark.” It’s not something I would normally watch. I’ve never even seen an episode of “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette” or any of the similar programs, as they tend to feature only the “beautiful” and “perfect” people, making the rest of us feel dowdy and inferior. As if we need any help when we are bombarded with air brushed newspaper and magazine photos as well as Photoshopped1 internet versions. However, this program at least sounded different.

A group of men and women would get to know each other in a dark room, first in a group setting and then by choosing each other for one on one sessions. Once they decided if they liked one of these potential partners, they would have a reveal. Then they could choose whether to pursue the relationship. Could personality really trump looks? Could my faith in our model-obsessed world be restored?

I’m sorry to say that when push came to shove; it all came down to looks. One particular couple who really hit it off in the dark with complimentary personalities, decided not to date, as the looks weren’t what they were expecting.

Now, admittedly, these were 20-something’s, who are still very young and ‘in the moment’. Yet, it was discouraging, none the less. It appears the Cabbage Patches2 among us, myself included, will just have to continue swimming upstream, trying not to drown in that sea of Barbie’s3.

(1. Photoshop – a product of Adobe Systems, http://www.adobe.com; 2. Cabbage Patch Kids – currently manufactured by Play Along Kids, original, hand made still available at http://www.cabbagepatchkids.com; 3. Barbie Doll -a Mattel product, http://www.barbie.com)

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