Tainted Apple

Let me start this by saying I really do like Apple product and believe they are top quality. However, I do think their sales and marketing practices are anti-competitive, and I am surprised they haven’t run afoul of such things as laws against price fixing.

You almost never see an Apple product on sale – I mean a real sale, not one or two dollars off. It’s fairly obvious that they require their retailers to sell at their price or they aren’t allowed to sell the products.

When I made my most recent laptop purchases, I really looked hard at Apple’s offerings, and would have preferred to purchase at least one, but found it hard to justify paying two to three times the price for a similar item. What I can’t figure out is why companies like Apple don’t realize that they can sell more products at a reasonable price, making the same amount of profit over a higher volume. If you really do have a superior product, which in many cases they do, why would you not want it in more households? Why the elitist attitude?

If I could purchase Apple products at even 25-50% above the competitions price, instead of 300% above, I would trade in all of my Microsoft Window’s based gear for Apples, without thinking twice. However, at the current price points, it’s just not smart economics; especially in these difficult economic times. Computers, whoever the manufacturer, have relatively short lifecycles as technology evolves. Most folks can’t afford to buy the top of the line only to have to replace it again every 3-5 years.

Then, today I read how Apple is trying to squash promotions and giveaways of its products by companies running contests:


Come on Apple, is that really necessary? Most manufacturers would leap at the chance to have companies give away a few of their products. The people who are the lucky recipients of these contests will not only enjoy the products themselves, but brag about how great the product is to their friends and family, encouraging them to purchase their own. They also spawn related purchases like I-Tunes cards to purchase applications as well as music at the I-Tunes stores, as well as a myriad of accessories – carrying cases, plug-ins, adaptors, etc. It’s a win-win for the entire industry.

Maybe it’s time to switch the marketing strategy and encourage people to buy Apple products and get them into more households around the world instead of discouraging them by these anti-competitive practices. They are great products and they should be available to more than just those with deep pockets.

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