The Little Team That Could

My favorite football team, the Green Bay Packers, just won the Super Bowl! It hadn’t been their best season, and the game was certainly no blowout, with several key players injured in the second half, coupled by a near comeback by the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, it not only showcased the depth of talent on the team, but proved that a professional franchise without deep-pocket owners really could be champions.

The Green Bay Packers are the only team in the National Football League (NFL) who are owned by their fans, and not millionaires or corporations. I’m even an owner; proud of my token share of Green Bay Packers stock. I bought this share a number of years back when they were raising funds for improvements to the hallowed ground of Lambeau Field (also known as the Frozen Tundra).

What do you get for being an owner, someone recently asked? Pride of ownership, I replied; and bragging rights. There is no dividend and they aren’t traded on the open market. I can go to the annual stockholder’s meeting and I have voting rights (one share out of 4+ million so it’s mostly symbolic). However, at times like these, I do like to announce that I am an owner, however small.

Because of our fan ownership, when it comes to draft day, even if we have an early pick, it’s unlikely to be one of the top-rated players – we simply don’t have the money to pay the kind of salaries they demand these days. We find good, affordable talent and fuse them with other talented players to form cohesive units who, together, excel at what they do. Yes, we lose a number of very good players to free-agency; but that doesn’t mean we can’t still be champions, as this year has proven. “The Green Bay Packers have won thirteen league championships…the most in the NFL (the next closest team is the Chicago Bears, with nine).” Source:
How’s that for a statistic!

How many other teams can point to a 30+ year (some say 100+) waiting list for season tickets? Season tickets have been sold out every year since 1960. Maybe more professional major league teams should be owned by their fans. People would have more of a vested interest in the team. There will never be a threat to move the Packers to another city – the owner’s wouldn’t allow it (nor do the articles of incorporation). Need a new stadium or renovations? Sell more stock and give people a chance to own a small piece of history. It’s amazing the feeling you get; knowing you had even the tiniest part to play in the making of such a legendary franchise. It’s also too bad that the NFL has banned the practice of fan-owned teams.

So, congratulations to the Green Bay Packers on a fine season. I can’t wait until next season!


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