Memorable Moments

Just a quick post before the sands of time run out on the “hour glass” of the day.  For those who may not have noticed, today was 10-10-10 (October 10, 2010).  I knew about the phenomena as I had heard it on the radio or television but didn’t really think much about it until I was at the Gaelic Storm concert this evening.  Pat Murphy, lead singer of the band, brought it up during the concert and wanted to mark the time at 10:10 pm on this day.  Fortunately for the crowd, someone set their alarm for 10:10 pm, as Patrick accidentally set his phone alarm for 10:10 am (which he only discovered after someone in the audience counted us down to the correct hour).

I call this a memorable moment, as I will likely remember that moment for a very long time, maybe even the rest of my life.  Gaelic Storm concerts are always a good craic, but as we marked this particular date anomaly, it now has special significance. Can you remember what you were doing at 10:10 pm (or am) on 10-10-10?

We should strive to create more memorable moments in our lives.  Fun, amazing things that we can look back at and smile when we need that pick me up on a difficult day.  So you now have 13 months to plan for the next date anomaly of 11-11-11 (followed by 12-12-12) before they disappear for the rest of most of our lives.  Mark those days on your calendar and plan an event to create your own memorable moment that will live on long afterward.

If you get a chance, see a Gaelic Storm show or listen to their music.  They are amazing in concert, engaging the audience and making sure we all leave with a great big smile on our faces.  Maith thú to the band for making each of their concerts a memorable moment for at least one person in the audience every night they play.  Kudos also to them for making such enjoyable, foot tapping, sing-a-long, can’t-help-but-smile music that, for me,  has provided a badly needed pick-me-up on many a trying day at work.  I have a new memorable moment – go out and create some of your own.

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