There is Beauty in All Things

Often, it’s obvious when something is beautiful and there’s no need to point out those instances here.  It’s the people, places, and things where one might not immediately see beauty on the surface where we need reminding.

There is beauty in each pebble of a gravel path.  Ignoring the quartz, which are like the mainicíní of rocks, you can find something special about each and every one.  Rounded, jagged, smooth, rough, or any combination thereof, each is special and each has a beauty all their own.

There is beauty in the rain.  It cleanses, refreshes, and nourishes – each raindrop, able to bend and reflect light, creating tiny prisms.  Without rain, there would be no rainbows, and how sad a world would that be?

There is beauty in insects, though this one is difficult for me to admit as I don’t care for them.  Yet, they do have beauty in their colors, the delicacy of their wings, their ability to move objects much greater than their size, or pollinate entire crops.  Naturally, I prefer they keep to their domain and leave me to mine – I can more readily admire their beauty through many panes of glass.

There is beauty in peeling paint or torn wallpaper.  They take us on journeys to the past, reminding us that not everything is created perfectly and beauty is transitive.  We need to remember what was, in order to shape our, what is yet to be.

There is beauty in a traffic jam.  For me, this is another great stretch because once I’m behind the wheel I become capable of swearing like a sailor as my blood pressure doubles and I am convinced that no one else on the road has a clue how to drive.  But the beauty of a traffic jam is that is reminds us to slow down and admire the view that is life. (I will need this as a mantra recorded on a CD set on repeat for it to really sink in, however, it is there to admire, when I do remember.)

There is beauty in weeds; and some even sport striking flowers.  Some people in the US consider clover to be a nuisance in a lawn, but are you really willing to give it up along with the chance of finding that elusive four leaf variety?  A yard full of clover is not only a similar sea of green, but much less maintenance.

There is beauty in a scar or a deformity, though its origin may have been painful or tragic.  It reminds us of the healing and adaptive powers of our own bodies; but more importantly, that physical beauty really is only skin deep, and what is more important is the contents of the heart and mind.

As you look around, find the beauty in all things, not just the ones that are readily apparent.  Though it may take a little time, it is worth the effort.  You might just discover a more peaceful existence as well.

About musingmirror

A writer of many genres, always in search of creative inspiration.
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