Spring Awakenings

I walked past a lilac bush and saw the buds still tightly closed as a fist, unwilling to submit to the chilly spring air.   I watched daffodils swaying in the breeze; turning their gaze to the intermittent sun.  Little lambs danced and frolicked in the meadow, chasing their mothers for nourishment and comfort.  A babbling brook rolls by, chattering as it goes about the warmth and life springing forth all around.   The world slowly coming to life again after a winter of slumber.

These things tell me, like the butterfly sloughing off its cocoon to be free, that I too must shed my mantle of protection to allow the Light to feed my senses, permit the words to stream, and the ideas to blossom.

Just as nature must rebalance itself as time and influences outside its control force change, so must I loosen the cloak that provides safety yet results in isolation fueled by anxiety and fear.   In order to spread my own wings and soar alongside my muse, I must find the balance.

I call upon those who have the power and will to assist, to help me bury the fears that hold the shroud so tightly around me; give me the strength to stroll down uncertain paths I have long avoided; place guides along the way to provide the necessary nutrients of love, comfort, protection, and encouragement; and support me in fulfilling my true purpose, whatever that may be.

On the wings of egrets, fly forth into the world and bring life to all who seek the Light.

About musingmirror

A writer of many genres, always in search of creative inspiration.
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