Tara Hill – Birthing place of Ireland’s High Kings – the Sacred Heart of Ireland is under siege!

Attacked by those who think that progress can only come at the expense of preservation.  From those who favor speed and convenience over heritage.  Where money continues to trump reason and sanity.

Building a major motorway, or even a minor one, through the Sacred Heart of Ireland is akin to sacrilege.

The heart of a country is not different than the heart of a living being.  Without respect and care it will falter and die.

Progress is often associated with increased productivity, but the by-product of these productivity gains can be a detriment to the heart.  As we strive to do more with less, the “less” does not translate into fewer hours worked to produce those results.  The only thing we seem to have less of is leisure time – time with family and friends, time to relax, recoup, and recharge.  The more time spent in the pursuit of this increased productivity, the more stress that is put on our lives and our hearts.  Speed, in and of itself, is not the only way to better productivity.  While it is healthy to occasionally push the heart to increased rhythms, it is equally unhealthy to sustain those high speeds over extended periods of time. There needs to be a better ratio of sacrifice for the sake of progress against the effects of those gains.

While many profit from the increased productivity, the loss of personal time causes us to make sacrifices in other areas of our lives.  Instead of taking the time to cook a healthy meal we reach for quick, inexpensive, and unhealthy options; many of which place an added burden on our hearts.  A double cheeseburger costs less than a hearty salad and sugary soft drinks come in refillable quart containers. With less free time activity and exercise time are sacrificed as well.   Doing something the fastest way or the least expensive way is not always the best or most responsible way.

In my travels to assorted places both locally and around the world I am struck by how often those who live closest to national, historic, or heritage sites have never been to visit them.  We seldom appreciate the people, places, and things around us until they are gone; never to return.

Just as progress in our careers can lead to unhealthy lifestyles, so can progress in the world around us lead to irreparable destruction. Those who can’t appreciate what is before them can only mourn the loss when it’s gone forever.  And when saving money is more important than doing what is right, how can any heart survive?

Once that road runs through the heart of Ireland there is no going back.   That Sacred place becomes weakened and damaged.  It’s only a matter of time before the heart gives up; unable to function under the continued assault; its importance forgotten as life speeds by.

Once the heart is stilled, the soul departs as well.


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