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As it’s Sunday and I’m unable to watch the Packers play the Cowboys because I live on the West Coast and am subjected to Seahawk torture, I’ll make my first post a rant.

Many sports offer special packages on the assorted providers (cable, satellite), but do not seem to offer individual games on a pay-per-view basis.  The current Direct-TV rate for the NFL season is roughly $300 which over the season is less than $20/week.  While that’s not terrible when you look at it from a weekly basis, and is certainly cheaper than a ticket to a game, if you don’t use it every week the cost per view increases. 

 Why not offer individual games on a pay-per-view basis.  I strongly suspect that even at $10-$20/game the providers would make significant profit over the package deal.

Just a little tidbit for the networks, providers, and sporting leagues to consider….


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